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Rockview Farms ESL Dairy Facility

Rockview Family Farms
City of Industry, California

Rockview Family Farms' new fluid dairy operation was recently completed in the City of Industry, California. The facility produces milk that lasts longer while retaining all the same wholesome nutrients from cows raised at nearby family farms.

Rockview worked closely with our design-build team in Irvine to develop a fast-tracked design and construction plan for the facility. The project converted an existing concrete building into a 60,000 sq. ft. dairy product Extended Shelf Life (ESL) process facility.

Working with the owner’s preferred process and production equipment manufacturers, we customized design and construction methods to include refrigerated insulated metal panel process rooms, an industrial ammonia refrigeration system, a high-speed high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filtered filler room with aseptic filler, numerous storage tank farms, and other custom-made engineering achievements. 

The high-temperature pasteurization and ultra-clean filling environment of the ESL facility give milk products a shelf life of 75 to 90 days after production (compared to regularly pasteurized products that typically last 19 days after production) without losing nutritional value.