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Quest Nutrition Facility Improvement

Quest Nutrition
El Segundo, California
Most companies with a three-year growth rate of 57,000% experience some growing pains. For Quest Nutrition, the challenge was to retain homemade processes and cutting-edge, healthful ingredients for their protein bars as they grew from a small, rented kitchen to a 10,000 f2 production warehouse.

To sidestep the growing pains, Quest customized off-the-shelf food production equipment, and teamed up with Ledcor to complete a facility improvement project.

The fast-tracked project schedule was completed in six months, while several hundred employees continued producing protein bars around the clock. Ledcor worked around operations to bring the warehouse shell and roof up to code to support a new electrical service and the weight of the new equipment. To accommodate an expanding staff and stringent FDA requirements, we added a wash down room, employee facilities, and food-grade finishes such as washable walls and stainless steel.

Quest is only part way through an ambitious expansion plan, and Ledcor is proud to support their growth as they produce protein products in an effort to make a positive impact on global health.