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Davis Estates Winery

Davis Estates
Napa Valley, California

The Davis Estates Winery is ready to offer guests a unique tasting experience on their 155-acre property in Napa Valley.

Mike and Sandy Davis brought our team into upgrade their winery, which has now nearly doubled in size to include a renovation of the historic barn, a new fermentation building, and a new hospitality facility with a full kitchen.

Before expanding the winery, our team spent six months designing and building 11,000 sq. ft. of underground tunnels and domed wine caves for temperature-controlled storage and a custom hospitality experience. A set of steel doors opened only by a palm vein reader, separates an exclusive tasting room from the main cavern. 

Above ground, our team helped install what the winemaker’s call their “spice rack”: 24 new fermentation tanks made of steel, oak, and concrete, all controlled by iPads. The top floor offers a tasting experience overlooking the Northern Napa Valley.