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BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus

Vancouver, British Columbia
This campus houses over 40 classrooms, research and training labs, lecture halls, aviation library, and a flight simulator. It features a 45,000 sq. ft. complex of hangars, including one of the largest all-glass hangars in Canada.

An energy-conscious geo-exchange heating system, with pipes drilled 295 feet underground to harness the energy of the earth, reduces heating and cooling costs on campus throughout the year.

The campus also features North America's highest Integrated Compressed Air Foam (ICAF) fire suppression system and uses specially laminated sound dampening glass to prevent noise interference from overhead air traffic - the facility is located directly beneath one of Vancouver International Airport’s lowest flight paths.

Since completion, the project has won several awards, including two Safety Innovation Awards and a Silver General Contractors Award for projects over $50 million from the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA).