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77 Bloor Street West

Bay Bloor Equities and Morguard Realty Holdings
Toronto, Ontario

This Ledcor Renew project includes the renovation and energy optimization of an existing 21-story office building.

Operating costs were reduced through energy conservation and revenues increased by converting a mechanical plenum floor to leasable office space. The mechanical and electrical system upgrades and window retrofit have improved energy performance and increased tenant comfort. Aesthetic upgrades to the ground floor, including a new canopy, upgraded entrance, and dramatic lighting add architectural interest to the building.  

This building achieved LEED Gold. It was also recognized by the CivicAction Race to Reduce two years in a row in the following categories: Energy Reduction Award, Greatest Energy Reduction, and Lowest Energy Use.

Together, these awards earned it recognition for being one of the projects that helped the city of Toronto achieve a 12.1 per cent drop in collective energy use over a 3 year period.